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HBSS ensures a hassle-free experience for entrepreneurs, businesses or anyone who dreams of entering the vibrant UAE market with ease and confidence.


We navigate the complexities of attestation procedures, guiding individuals and businesses through each stage, ensuring documents are legally recognized and accepted. With expertise in handling attestation for a wide array of documents, HBSS facilitates a seamless and efficient attestation process, allowing our clients to engage in legal transactions, establish businesses, or pursue personal endeavors with confidence within the UAE.


Our dedicated team navigates the diverse insurance options available in the market, offering tailored guidance to help you select the most suitable insurance policies. Whether it’s coverage for assets, health, liability, or other essential aspects, we prioritize your security and peace of mind.

Expert Visa Guidance

Hassle-free visa services guiding you through every step of the immigration process. Our dedicated team provides expert guidance throughout the entire visa process, from sought-after Golden Visas to Green Visas.

Effortless Trade Licensing

Streamlined acquisition of trade licenses reducing overall costs and time. We Facilitate the acquisition of Professional or Commercial Trade Licenses and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, aiding in the seamless establishment and operation of company setup within the UAE Mainland & Free Zones.

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